5 Types of Barbecue You Should Try

Who does not love to have a barbecue party? It is fun, enjoyable, and most importantly, delicious. Most people usually do this activity during summer or whenever there is a special occasion. The best part about it is the meat we cook on a grill with some spices or sauces. The meat can be variant from chicken and beef to vegetables and seafood. Speaking of variant, there are several types of barbecue you can give it a try, and here are five of them.

1. South African Braai

South African Braai is quite different from the US barbecue in several aspects. In the USA, we cannot do it every single time. There is a limit for every house to produce an amount of smoke. In contrast, we can do braai anytime we want for every occasion.

The other different thing is that braai does not use gas or electric grill. It uses woods or charcoal. The process may take a longer time to finish, but that is the fun part. It can give us a new experience of doing barbecue.

The best part of South African barbecue is the boerewors. It is a long sausage as a result of mixed beef and pork. Sometimes it can be lamb as well. To make it rich of flavors, they spice it with cloves, pepper, coriander seed, nutmeg, and many other spices.

2. Japanese Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki method is quite different too from the usual barbecue we know. Instead of using the open-grate grill like Hibachi, it applies a flat and solid surface to cook the dishes.

If you go to Teppanyaki restaurant, the chef will show you his skill in cooking the dishes. That is one of the best parts since it is entertaining.

Furthermore, we have plenty of choices of food to choose in this barbecue type. There is a wide variety of meats like chicken and pork. We can also have some seafood and combine it with some veggies.

3. Korean BBQ

Similar to Japanese teppanyaki, Korean barbecue also offers us with plenty choices of dishes. It has Bulgogi, Galbi, Chadolbaegi, Deungsim, and much more. Besides the main dish, there are many side dishes we can pick too such as Kimchi, Kongnamul, and seasoned spinach. With this variety, we can experiment with combining one ingredient with another. So, you can create the flavor as you like.

4. Mongolian Khorkhog

Barbecue in Mongolian style uses lamb as the main meat. Compared to the other style, this one is a bit more traditional. It does not use the modern grill at all. Instead, we put the lamb into a container with hot stones and water. The stones aim to absorb the fat. As a result, the dish will taste a bit more earthy. To add some flavors, it is usually served with a layer of vegetables.

5. South American Asado

Asado is a barbecue style which is quite well-known in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It mostly serves beef, but we can try some other meats too. The unique part about Asado is that it uses most parts of the cows. So, you can try everything here started from the legs to the intestines.

That’s all the five types of barbecue you should try. To conclude, each of them is different whether it is in taste or preparation. They are all worth to try on. So, among all of these types, which one do you think to be the best?

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