Planning to go to New York on your vacation? New York can be a fun and interesting place for anyone. Many local people are friendly and willing to help you when they see someone holding a map and scratching their heads. Do not hesitate to ask small things though. But what if you do not want to ask? Then you probablu will makeone of (or more) common mistakes that tourists often make when they are travelling in New York.

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Only look for sightseeing in Manhattan

There are more than just Manhattan to see while you travel in New York. Bronx Zoo, an urban jungle with hundreds of breeds and impressive displays are waiting for you. New York Transit Museum will be great to learn where trains from years gone by. Explore more or ask locals about their recommendation of attractions to see or things to do. But don’t just show up whenever you like just because it’s a regular day. Check the schedules first because sometimes museum closed on Tuesday or Mondays. Some museums offer longer hours on certain days which allow you to spend more time there.

Going to a nightclub not at the right time

Nightclub should not be missed wherever you visit new places. But the “start time” in each city might be different. If you want to drink a cocktail, things get grooving in the early evening. Or if you want to dance, don’t think about getting your hand stamped after 11 pm. Alchohol is still served in the clubs and bars until 4 AM.

Dining in Times Square

It’s undeniable that plenty of terrific restaurants here, as Times Square is tourists’ destinations while they are travelling in New York. But you know, sometimes cheap restaurants also use the chance to increase their food pricing which can empty your bank. The crowd and queue make the restaurat owner and waiters want you to eat as fast as possible and get off quickly from your table. You might not enjoy the dining experience so if you want to have the good one, make time and effort to find a good restaurant a little far from there. 

Do not tip fairly

In some countries (maybe in your country) tipping is not something you do or even prohibited. But that’s a different thing when you travel in New York, where the servers expect the tips from customers because they have done their job well. Thank you isn’t enough, a little compliment to the waiter or cabbie will be appropriate. Giving 20% tips is excellent in restaurants and taxis. When you have your luggage lifted at airport or hotel, a dollar or two per bag is necessary.

Careless in Transportation

You migh not keen to spend too much time and energy figuring out the transportation system. You may prefer to hail the cab wherever you are to wherever you want to go. But NYC subway system is open for 24 hours and faster than cabs. There are lots of MetroCards that you can use to save and mingle with local people. MetroCards can also be used on buses. But one thing you must remember, do not ever get into the empty subway car. Why? Because with so many New York residents, it is impossible they do not ride a subway car. So, if the subway car is empty there must be something wrong with it, such as air-conditioner not working, bad smell, or uncomfortable things on the way.

Next time you travel in New York, avoid these mistakes for your own goodness.

Who does not love to have a barbecue party? It is fun, enjoyable, and most importantly, delicious. Most people usually do this activity during summer or whenever there is a special occasion. The best part about it is the meat we cook on a grill with some spices or sauces. The meat can be variant from chicken and beef to vegetables and seafood. Speaking of variant, there are several types of barbecue you can give it a try, and here are five of them.

1. South African Braai

South African Braai is quite different from the US barbecue in several aspects. In the USA, we cannot do it every single time. There is a limit for every house to produce an amount of smoke. In contrast, we can do braai anytime we want for every occasion.

The other different thing is that braai does not use gas or electric grill. It uses woods or charcoal. The process may take a longer time to finish, but that is the fun part. It can give us a new experience of doing barbecue.

The best part of South African barbecue is the boerewors. It is a long sausage as a result of mixed beef and pork. Sometimes it can be lamb as well. To make it rich of flavors, they spice it with cloves, pepper, coriander seed, nutmeg, and many other spices.

2. Japanese Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki method is quite different too from the usual barbecue we know. Instead of using the open-grate grill like Hibachi, it applies a flat and solid surface to cook the dishes.

If you go to Teppanyaki restaurant, the chef will show you his skill in cooking the dishes. That is one of the best parts since it is entertaining.

Furthermore, we have plenty of choices of food to choose in this barbecue type. There is a wide variety of meats like chicken and pork. We can also have some seafood and combine it with some veggies.

3. Korean BBQ

Similar to Japanese teppanyaki, Korean barbecue also offers us with plenty choices of dishes. It has Bulgogi, Galbi, Chadolbaegi, Deungsim, and much more. Besides the main dish, there are many side dishes we can pick too such as Kimchi, Kongnamul, and seasoned spinach. With this variety, we can experiment with combining one ingredient with another. So, you can create the flavor as you like.

4. Mongolian Khorkhog

Barbecue in Mongolian style uses lamb as the main meat. Compared to the other style, this one is a bit more traditional. It does not use the modern grill at all. Instead, we put the lamb into a container with hot stones and water. The stones aim to absorb the fat. As a result, the dish will taste a bit more earthy. To add some flavors, it is usually served with a layer of vegetables.

5. South American Asado

Asado is a barbecue style which is quite well-known in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It mostly serves beef, but we can try some other meats too. The unique part about Asado is that it uses most parts of the cows. So, you can try everything here started from the legs to the intestines.

That’s all the five types of barbecue you should try. To conclude, each of them is different whether it is in taste or preparation. They are all worth to try on. So, among all of these types, which one do you think to be the best?

Are you feeling stressful? Then you may want to try fishing. You will feel how relaxing the natural view, and peaceful atmosphere around is. And, the best part of this activity is when a fish bites our bait and we can catch it. However, we must tell you that it is not easy to do this, especially without a proper fishing rod and reel. Do not worry, though, as we have provided some tips to choose the right tool for you.

Fishing Lure, Rod and Reel

1. Determine the Length and Weight

About the length, it is measured from the tip to the bottom of the rod. You need to know that different length has a different function. The short rod can cast shorter distance. It can help you to manipulate when you are fighting a fish. Moreover, this one is compatible with lightweight lures. On the other hand, the long rod can cast longer distance and is perfect for heavier lures. This can be very useful when you are fishing from the shoreline directly. Meanwhile, the weight of rod determines its strength. It will tell you how much weight it can carry. You can measure it by doing a pound test.

2. Choose the Material

There are three kinds of material used for fishing rod. Each of them is perfect for the different function. The first one is graphite. Rods made of this material are stiffer and lighter which make them more sensitive. If you need this type, then you must prepare much money since it is quite expensive.

The second one is fiberglass. It is a lot heavier yet more flexible than graphite type. They will not break easily. Compared to graphite rods, fiberglass rod comes with great price. The last one is the combination of both materials. This rod is ideal for those who want to catch multiple types of fishes in various locations.

3. Know the Action

The action here refers to the point where the rod can bend to. The bending ability can range from light to heavy. Lighter action can bend closer to the bottom of the rod. This one is good to catch smaller fishes. Heavier action can only bend to the tip of the rod, and it is perfect for fishing bass and other large species.

4. Choose Your Reel

Besides the rods, you must also decide what type of reel you will need. There are three different types of reel you can choose. First, the spin cast reel is perfect for beginners. The price is also low. This reel has low durability. Second, bait casting reel is better for the advanced angler. It has a high gear ratio. But, that goes the same with its casting difficulty. Last, spinning reel has a great performance, and you can use it in any fishing locations. It is also less likely to get tangled.

5. Check the Quality

Before you spend your money for the fishing rod, it is better to check the quality. Make sure that every surface of the rod is in good condition with no cracks at all. Check the guides or the loops of the rod as well. You can do it by holding it at eye level and look down from the tip to bottom of the rod to ensure whether they are lined up properly.

That’s all the tips we can share with you. You can buy a fishing rod and reel in local stores or via the Internet. We recommend you to buy it directly from the store so you can check everything right away.

Nowadays most people are using a headset to listen to some musics in their smartphone or tablet. However, there is another gadget you can use to get a new experience in listening music. That is Bluetooth speaker. It is a speaker which you can connect wirelessly to other devices. Here we will tell you the reasons why you must buy it. We also have included several things to consider before purchasing the speaker.

Reasons to Buy Bluetooth Speaker

There are several reasons why this speaker is such a cool device to have.

1. It Is Easy to Use

The first good thing about the gadget is how easy to use it. In fact, it is a lot easier to apply than using the old-fashioned speakers. What’s more is that we can connect it to other devices such as phone, tablet, computer, or laptop. If you want to use it, you only need to turn the Bluetooth on your device, switch on the speaker, and do a couple more stuff to pair them both. Once you have paired them, it will automatically connect when you turn on the speaker.

2. It Is Portable

Unlike speakers in the old days, Bluetooth speaker is very portable. It means we can carry it anywhere we want. We can simply move it from one spot to another or even bring it to special occasions like camping or picnicking.

3. No Worries about Space and Cables

Most Bluetooth speakers come in compact size. It is small enough that it will not take too much space. Also, since it is wireless, we do not have to worry about troublesome cable or wiring. These two features are the reasons behind its portability.

4. It Is Quite Affordable

Some of you might think that this speaker can cost you a lot of money. It is true that some of them are quite pricey. But, you can also find some others which offer you with great prices.

5. It Has Several Cool Features

Besides being wireless and portable, there are some other features which will interest you. One of them is the fact that it is waterproof. That will allow you to use it even in a swimming pool. The other features you may like is the charging ability. There is a USB port you can apply to recharge your phone.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Looking at the reasons above, some of you may want to buy it now. However, before you do that, there are several things you can consider.

First, you must make sure the sound quality. You can test some speakers to decide which one produces better audio. Second, you must check the compatibility too. It is important to ensure the speaker can be connected to our device. If it is not, then you have wasted your money for nothing.

Third, you must choose the right size for you. We may have said that most speakers are compact. But, each of them still has their own size. You can choose the one that suits you the best. Last, you can pick the one that meets your budget. Some speakers are expensive, and some others are cheap. To make it more affordable, you can choose the one that has the most features you need.

Are you about to do hiking for the first time? Then you have come to the right place. As we have known, hiking can be very challenging depending on the track you choose. We have to do this activity with proper preparation. Otherwise, we may get lost in the middle of the jungle in the mountain. There have been plenty of similar cases happen around the world. Thus, it is crucial to prepare some stuff beforehand. Here are some tips you can follow to get a safe hiking trip.

Prepare for a Hiking Trip

1.Ask a Friend to Go with You

This first point is optional. If you need to go somewhere alone to clear your mind and forget some stuff behind, then you can go hiking all by yourself. However, if you prefer to go with someone, you can ask one or two friends to go with you. It is much better if you have one who is a professional hiker, or at least, has knowledge about the activity.

2.Prepare the Safety Gear

Safety gear is one of the most important parts you must not forget. As we have mentioned earlier, hiking can be quite challenging without proper preparation. So, you must bring every necessary tool that can give you a safe trip. The gears you need to bring are compass, map, first aid kit, flashlight with extra batteries, matches, multipurpose tool, space blanket, water filter, water purification tablets, flare gun and much more.

3.Bring a Lot of Food and Water

How long will it take for a hiking trip? It depends on the track you choose. The more difficult the track is, the longer time you will need to take until you reach your destination. Moreover, it will also consume lots of your energy. If you choose the difficult one, then make sure you bring plenty of food with you.

We do not recommend you to bring canned food or fruits and vegetables since they are too heavy to carry. In this case, you can go with some high-calory snacks like energy bars, nuts, chocolates, and dried fruits. For your information, it is better to constantly have a snack than a large portion of meals. Snacking can give you more energy.

Besides food, do not forget to bring many bottles of water too. Once you run out of them, you can refill it in nearby a river. Please remember to use water filter when you do that.

4.Wear/Bring Clothes in Layers

Weather is hard to predict. It can change all of a sudden without warning. Not to mention, the weather at night time is usually very cold. Hence, you must bring or wear something in layers that you can put on and take off easily. You can also bring a hat for sun protection.

In hiking, the surface of the track is rough or uneven. In addition, it can also be very slippery because of the moss. Therefore, hiking boots are the best choice for the activity.

5.Get in Shape Before Hiking

Hiking is considered as a sport. It will require every single muscle of your body to work. So, you have to get fit first before you start hiking. You can do some exercises to build up your muscle and enhance your strength. Without the workout, you might experience sore back or pulled the muscle in the middle of the trip. That will ruin everything for sure.

Hiking can be very fun. Yet, it can turn to be dangerous too if you are not well-prepared. Hopefully, the tips above can help you to get one enjoyable and safe hiking trip.